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 R-Lipoic Acid plus R-DihydroLipoic Acid 

(oil-based RLA)

For sustained retention of Lipoic Acid

Naturally produced by the human body, Lipoic Acid is a vitamin-like substance that has powerful antioxidant properties and participates in energy production.* Learn why lipoic acid beats all other antioxidants.

Just remember: Not all Lipoic Acid products are created equal! GeroNova’s R-PLUS® is different in three important ways: 1. It features only natural forms of Lipoic Acid (as R-Lipoic Acid and its reduced form, R-Dihydrolipoic Acid), 2. It is formulated for maximum stability, and 3. It is absorbed better than unstabilized R Lipoic Acid.

1. Natural forms

The majority of Lipoic Acid products feature Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is typically a 50/50 blend of natural (R-Lipoic) and unnatural (S-Lipoic) Lipoic Acid.

The Redox Pair

Redox stands for reduction-oxidation. When a molecule loses an electron, it becomes oxidized. When a molecule gains an electron, it becomes reduced.

R-Lipoic Acid and R-Dihydrolipoic Acid are the naturally occurring isomers of Lipoic Acid. R-Lipoic Acid is the oxidized form and R-DHLA is the reduced form. The two forms work closely together in the body, swapping electrons with each other as needed to fight free radicals and generate energy.

The redox pair of RLA/R-DHLA may provide more antioxidant protection than either ingredient alone.

This poses two problems. First, the human body has difficulty absorbing the unnatural version. And second, it may actually inhibit the most essential properties of natural Lipoic Acid.

R Lipoic Acid is the natural form of Lipoic Acid — the exact kind the body makes and requires.

  • GeroNova’s R-PLUS® softgels feature only natural Lipoic Acid, as R-Lipoic Acid and its reduced form, R Dihydrolipoic Acid (R-DHLA or DHLA)

2. Maximum stability

Unless it has been specially processed, R Lipoic Acid is extremely unstable. In fact, if you take unstabilized RLA, research indicates you will only absorb a very small percentage of it. Unstabilized R-Lipoic Acid may be less expensive, but it won't save you any money if you can't absorb it!

  • GeroNova’s R-PLUS® softgels feature R-Lipoic Acid stabilized with R-DHLA, which increases its bioavailability (i.e., its ability to be absorbed and delivered to the cells).

3. Better absorption

Stability (and solubility) are directly related to bioavailability. Therefore, stabilized R-Lipoic Acid is absorbed better than unstabilized RLA. Pharmacokinetic data show that people who take R-Lipoic Acid in combination with R DHLA achieve higher blood levels of R-Lipoic Acid than those who take R-Lipoic Acid alone.

  • Because GeroNova’s R-PLUS® softgels have been stabilized with DHLA, they are absorbed better than unstabilized R-Lipoic Acid products.


  • Contains only natural Lipoic Acid, as R-Lipoic Acid and R-Dihydrolipoic Acid
  • Is formulated to ensure maximum stability
  • Delivers all the benefits of Lipoic Acid, such as antioxidant protection, energy production and inflammation reduction*
  • Stays in the body longer than water-soluble products
  • Comes in convenient, easy-to-swallow softgels

Ingredients and Suggested Use

1 Softgel Contains: R-lipoic acid 75 mg, R-dihydrolipoic acid 75 mg.
Other Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Refined (Oryza Sativa) Non-GMO, Gelatin (Bovine), Glycerin, Purified Water, Caramel. 
Suggested Use: Take  1 or more softgels per day with meals or as directed by your health care provider. 
60 or 120 softgels 
Storage: To preserve freshness of the gelatin shell, keep refrigerated.

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