Heavy Metal Screen Test

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Important: This test complies with the requirements of ISO 13485:2003 , not all tests are the same quality. Make sure yours is compliant.
Review: ...The initial test results indicated maximum heavy metal toxicity. I started to take Bio-Chelat...

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Heavy Metal Screen Test

World's First Immediate Method of Screening Heavy Metals

Use the Heavy Metal Screen Test as Your First Step in any Health Program
  • Easy to use at home
  • Quick and reliable results
  • Obtain a base line for unbound heavy metal concentration in your body using urine or saliva
  • Track your body's detoxification/chelation capacity over time as you detoxify
  • Can also use to test your water supply
    or any food source
  • Objective, scientifically proven test procedure
heavy metal screen test

This method (Heavy Metal Screen Test) identifies the following metals: zinc, copper, mercury, lead,cadmium and nickel

Screening Procedure

Step One

1. Open the test-tube which contains Testsol reagent.

2. Place the small square test paper into the test-tube solution.

step 1 image
Step Two
1. Shake test-tube gently for 30 seconds until test solutions turns green. (Within 30-60 seconds)
step 2 image
Step Three
HMST Step 3

1. Using the pipette, add liquid solution (urine) to the 4 ml line on the tube. Close the tube and shakevigorously for 15 seconds.

2. Allow to stand for 2 minutes.

Step Four
step 4 image 1. Observe the band/ring of color at the top of the solution and compare it with the color chart provided in the test kit. Ignore the color at the bottom of the solution. If the green color has changed, it indicates the metal ion concentration is high. (0.5 -1.5 ppm)
2. If the color remains green, then no metal ions are present.
Note: In order that the test is functioning correctly, the reagent in the test-tube must first turn green. The sooner the green color changes, the higher the metal concentration of the sample taken. After 10 minutes the test reagent (color band/ring on top) will turn into a yellow-orange color, which is caused by the regular decompostion of the dithizone reagent and must be ignored.

Anonymous on 17/02/2010 08:29pm
The Heavy Metal Screen Test is a wonderful way to know if you have heavy metals in your body AND to show you the progress along the way as you use the Bio-Chelat and EBN Detox clay baths. I have found this test and the mercury symptoms listed on this website to be very accurate and helpful.
Lisa M on 17/02/2010 08:28pm
I have been treated by a homeopathic professional for almost a year now for digestive problems, food allergies and skin rashes. I have felt that he was treating the symptoms but not the ultimate cause of my problems. After ordering your Heavy Metal Screen Test, I now know that I was right. My problems have a deeper cause, and I can finally set out on a course of action that will truly help to heal me. Thank you!
Deborah P on 17/02/2010 08:26pm
I ordered three Heavy Metal Screen Tests for my family and we were very pleased with how easy it is to use. The directions are very simple and we had results in two minutes!. My test showed high levels of heavy metals, so I have already begun the detox process. Thank you for providing a low-cost simple test! It is greatly appreciated!
Luigi del Rosso - ITALY on 02/02/2010 07:43pm
I started to feel sick in 2001 due to the removal of two amalgam fillings. The symptoms that I experienced were orthostatic hypotension, continued weakness, dizziness, allergies, various morning muscle stiffness accompanied by vomiting, anxiety, depression and in 2008, fibromyalgia.
Various specialist doctors abandoned me after not finding any improvements in my condition. In 2009 I found the ability to test my own bodily fluids with the Heavy Metal Screen Test. This was the turning point.
I decided to take my wellbeing into my own hands. The initial test results indicated maximum heavy metal toxicity. I started to take Bio-Chelat at the start of March 2009. Now, in June 2009, I am not cured but I feel much better. I tested myself again with a Heavy Metal Screen Test and found that the level of heavy metal toxicity had decreased to an average level.
I intend to continue to take Bio-Chelat throughout the summer. In early winter I intend to return to using EBN Detox Clay Bath. My goal is zero intoxication.

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